When you have done all your training in the cold of the winter, and as marathon day approaches it turns unseasonably hot!

Here are my top tips for surviving a hot one!!!

  1. Make sure you are hydrate well before you start the race!!
  2. Start the process of hydration days before the race – keep a check on the colour of your urine.
  3. On race day keep sip water(or your chosen pre-race drink) up until 20 minutes before.
  4. Don’t eat or drink anything new on the day of the race. Always experiment with new foods/drink in a training run.
  5. Avoid drinks that cause dehydration such as caffeine.
  6. If you can run in a cap, run in a cap.
  7. On race day wet the cap before the start of the race – it will keep your head cool.
  8. At water stations, take enough water to drink and to re wet the hat.
  9. Avoid getting your feet wet – you don’t want blisters
  10. Make use of the sponges, on your head the back of your neck, and even under your arms. Think – what would you do with a child if they had a temperature!
  11. Take water on early in the race even if you’re not thirsty.
  12. Start slower than planned – you can always make the time up later.
  13. Apply sweat proof suncream
  14. Wear tried and testing clothing, and clothing that wicks
  15. As always apply Vaseline to places that rub – nothing worse than seeing someone with runners nipple!
  16. Drinks that contain electrolytes can be helpful, but ideally don’t try anything new on the day
  17. If you do take a drink provided on the day(other than water), take 1 mouthful at the first station along with some water, as the race goes on you can increase the concentrate. This will reduce the risk of it upsetting your stomach.
  18. It is possible to run a good hot marathon, but it is more difficult, particularly if you haven’t prepared for it. Be realistic about your expected/anticipated time given the temperature and adjust accordingly.

Be safe, and don’t forget to enjoy your race!

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