Hannah had a lot of discomfort around her hip and lower back.

She desperately wanted to get back to cycling, because she loved it. It was her hobby, her down time, and where she spent time with her friends. It got to the point that even walking was painful.

She came to see me after having a Bikefit session with a Physio, who recommended me.

I met Hannah about a year ago, and she only did 4 sessions with me.

She recently sent me this positive update on her progress:-

I thought it about time I gave you an update on my progress and recovery since it is about a year since I first came to see you.

Of all the professionals I saw for treatment/rehab, you were the first to approach things from a different perspective (which is why I came to see you of course) by realising that I needed to do exercises that were not stressing the impacted area and were more guided towards the upper body.

During Hannah’s assessment we identified a restriction around her left shoulder

Prior to seeing you, exercises had been too heavily focused on the lower back and core. Even the most basic mat exercises and pilates exercises were making inflamed areas weaker and sorer. Hence, nothing ever changed for the better. 

When an area becomes over sensitised, as in Hannahs case, it’s sometime necessary to look for compensations away from the area of discomfort to allow things to settle

After I saw you last, I took a breather from it all for a few weeks and decided on a different approach. I stopped cycling altogether and took up running on the treadmill along with upper body strengthening workouts which were either seated or hanging. I don’t do any standing barbell exercises or any exercises which may put me outside of my equilibrium.

I sugguested to Hannah it maybe necessary for her to have a few weeks off to let things calm down, before gradually reintroducing cycling, and other activities

I slowly introduced the cycling after some months and can now cycle without pain, though often I can feel the weak areas fatigue when riding.

The stronger Hannah gets on the areas we identified as a problem during her assessments the longer she will be able to ride without the discomfort

So, summer cycling was overall a success and I can push some speedy intervals and ride 25/35 miles before fatigue begins. I avoided doing the fast 25s this year as it seemed to be those which aggravated my back so badly. I can now do interval training in running, rowing and cycling with ease and without pain so long as I remain sensible listening to my body, and don’t overdo it.

Listening to your body is key to performing consistently, and injury free in sport. T

The upper body strengthening over time has made such an noticable difference to my overall strength, posture and balance. I will probably always feel the niggling pain/ache, fatigue in that weakened area but it’s nothing compared to the unbearable inflamed intensity I felt a year ago. And the good thing is I don’t spend days drinking whisky anymore as a diversion from the pain!

It’s an area of vulnerability, that may flair up when you either really push the intensity, or distance, but with improved strength and efficency of movement this will only get better

I thank you Tracy for your help in guiding me, opening my eyes and putting me on a path to enable me to focus on getting my life back to enjoying cycling again. I hope all is good with you and that life is treating you well.

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Tracy Swindell is a former GB international marathon runner who has trained and competed in a number of sports from a young age. She is passionate about helping people reach their potential and is a strong believer in empowering her clients to understand and care for their own bodies.

Always updating her skills to get the best possible results for her clients, Tracy’s extensive studying covers coaching and movement-based qualifications including intrinsic biomechanics, anatomy in motion, pilates and yoga.

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