This is something that clients often tell me.

“I can’t fire my glutes” or “I’ve been told I need to strengthen my glutes”

So when I saw this article The glute exercise Kipchoge swears by I just knew I had to write about it.

Not being able to activate your glutes well can cause various problems, from back problems, to tightness in your hamstrings that you can’t stretch out. Read more about what to do when stretching isn’t working here. In this case, it’s likely those poor hamstrings are doing more work than they should to help those lazy glutes out.

I don’t disagree, that some people are unable to activate their glutes.

However, if you’ve been doing glute strengthening work for a long time, and you still have weak glutes, then it’s probably time to try something else.

Sometimes when a muscle gets really really contracted, it just has nothing else to give

Check here for my video explaining why your strength work might not be working.

There are other reasons too, such as reciprical inhibition, where one muscle is so short, it limits the range of the opposing muscle(more on that in a separate blog post).

So what to do if muscles are in a permanently contracted state?

There are a number of things you can do. One of the simplist things you could do to release the glutes is to use a muscle energy technique. Here is a musle energy technique to for the glutes. Another thing that also works well is self massage or using a foam roller. If you try both of these and then go back to your strengthening exercises afterwards, I’m sure those glutes will be firing up in no time.

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Tracy Swindell is a former GB international marathon runner who has trained and competed in a number of sports from a young age. She is passionate about helping people reach their potential and is a strong believer in empowering her clients to understand and care for their own bodies.

Always updating her skills to get the best possible results for her clients, Tracy’s extensive studying covers coaching and movement-based qualifications including intrinsic biomechanics, anatomy in motion, pilates and yoga.

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