9 weeks ago if you had told me I’d be running my business entirely on-line, I would not of believed it possible!

But being a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl, when the pandamic hit. I just had to try.

Todays blog is about my 84 year old client, who is proving beyond doubt that it’s very possible.

Let me introduce you to June. She is 84 years old, and 8 months post hip replacement. I think you will find her very inspiring.

We had just started to work together again, post op, when advice was being given for the over 70’s to self isolate. I suggested we try a session over Whatsapp video. She said she would try, but didn’t think it would work. (a bit like me I guess).

This was her quote after the first session.

I really didn’t think it would work, but it does

Embracing technology

I have to say, she has totally embraced it. Pre and post hip op, getting on the floor was very difficult(and avoided) and getting up even harder. It was impossible without holding on. She was also unable to touch the floor from standing.

Today June can stand in the middle of the room and get up and down from the floor with ease. She can touch the floor from standing, and is now learning to do the Pilates walk out

Working with her is a truely inspiring.

Overall she is moving better, feeling more balance on her feet, and her arms are getting stronger too.

Some of this work started prior to lockdown, but the big improvements, and the confidence have all happened in the last few weeks, when I’m not even in the same room as her!

Learning new tricks – age 84!!

So what does it take to be learning new tricks as we get older.

I think mindset is huge, if you are prepared to give things a go, who knows what you can achieve. I like this quote by George Elliot with my own small amendment “if you’re willing try”.

It’s never too late to be who you might have been(if you’re willing to try)

George Elliot

Keep an open mind as to what’s possible, just because you can’t now, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do something in the future.

“aim for the moon, you may hit the stars”

Don’t set yourself limits. Observe where you are now, and measure your progress.

Always challenge yourself with ambitious goals.

Do you think the Wright brothers when they had the vision for inventing the first motor operated plane honestly thought it would work when they started out?

I don’t think so!!! They dreamed big, there were no gaurantees of success. As they continued on their journey, with each small step of progressing they started to see what might be possible. Finally after a lots of work, their dream became a reality.

It’s important for my clients to have a strong/challenging goal. It needs to be something they care about. If you aim too low, or you don’t care that much about the goal, you won’t be motivated to put in the effort required to achieve it. If you aim high, and you fall a bit short, you will still of made amazing progress.

Putting in the effort

Oh yes, even 84 year olds get homework! Have you heard the expression “you get out, what you put in”. This is so very true when it comes to human movement.

I am just the guide, my clients make the magic happen

During a follow up assessment with me, we assess the progress made, and more importantly what is holding them back from getting to the next level Often this involves breaking a move down into it’s smallest components to work out which bit they can’t do. Sometimes I need to invent an exercise specifically for them, to bring those movements back.

Making the impossible, possible

It might seem impossible right now, but with the right guidance, and an open mind you may be able to acheive more than you think

This was certainly true for June.

June kindly gave me permission to share an image of her, which was taken to test flexion of the spine. Photo’s are a great way to measure progress

testing spinal flexion and measuring progress

I am incredibly grateful for my clients that have given me the opportunity to work with them through lock down, or even embraced it, taking on extra sessions, now that they are working from home.

There are lots of benefits to working on-line, that have been learnt along the way, but that’s for another blog.

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Tracy Swindell is a former GB international marathon runner who has trained and competed in a number of sports from a young age. She is passionate about helping people reach their potential and is a strong believer in empowering her clients to understand and care for their own bodies.

Always updating her skills to get the best possible results for her clients, Tracy’s extensive studying covers coaching and movement-based qualifications including intrinsic biomechanics, anatomy in motion, pilates and yoga.

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