Let my 84 year old client inspire you

9 weeks ago if you had told me I’d be running my business entirely on-line, I would not of believed it possible!
But being a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl, when the pandamic hit. I just had to try.
Be inspired by my 84 year old client, who is proving beyond doubt that working on-line is very possible … Read More

What to do when stretching isn’t working!

Many of us want to move better, and as a movement coach, I would certainly advacate that. What does “moving better” actually mean though? To me, moving better means I can move with ease. To be able to carry on … Read More

Breaking the chain of pain

“Where the pain is, the problem is not!” this is often the case, and why the analysis of movement is so important … Read More

Golfers gloom to handicap happiness

Tracy’s Transformations: How one simple release helped a keen golfer get back to playing a game that he loves and to reduce his handicap to 9.7! I didn’t even know I had that restriction…. Now the problem in my back … Read More